RV Closet Organization
Our family of five recently moved out of a travel trailer into a Class A Motorhome, which we full time in. The travel trailer had two bedrooms while our motorhome has only one bedroom.  We plan to remodel our motorhome to suit us better, however we still had to get all of our things moved in. 

The biggest hurdle for us was getting all of our clothing, extra bedding, and personal belongings to fit in one closet.  Especially when the closet is a wide-open space.  In this blog, I share what I did to make the best use of our RV closet space.

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It's not easy moving from one RV to the next.  Especially when you are moving campgrounds.  We had to put our things wherever we could shove them, until we were going to be at one campground long enough to organize our things.  The biggest space we have is the large bedroom closet, but as you can see in the photo we were not maximizing the space. 

1. Empty the Space
In the large bedroom closet we had some clothing hung and boxes stacked on top of each other.  I knew we could utilize this space more effectively.  The first thing I did was moved everything out of the space.

2. Measure the Space
Next, I measured the space, as I would need those measurements when picking out my storage solutions.  I measured height, width, and depth. I wanted to make sure that what I bought would fit in the space.  I still wanted room to hang clothing, so I opted for height only on one side.
3. Purchase and Build Storage Solutions
We purchase a plastic 3-drawer storage bin and a six cube shelf.  We also purchased six bins to go inside the cubed shelf.  Here are examples of what I bought on Amazon. 

*Note, when buying a cube shelf and bins be sure the size of the bins will fit in the squares of the shelf.  I noticed different size bins when I picked out mine and had to make sure they would fit the shelf I picked out. .

The cubed shelves had to be assembled and I was able to enlist the help of my teenage son, who loves to build things. 

4. Put everything away 
Using the new storage solutions, I was able to put everything away in an organized manner.  These are the after photos. 

Left Side

Right Side

Do you share storage space with your family members? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Sarah!!! The before and after is UNREAL!!!! I love how you just took everything out and measured firstly!!! I get lazy and forget that step! This is some wonderful motivation, thank you!!!
  2. I can’t believe what a difference that made - genius! I so cannot wait to see how you build this out into the perfect home - I know y’all are going to make it amazing!
  3. Sarah, I love what you did with your space! Thanks so much for sharing these tips with us 😊
  4. Love what you did here!! The cube organization in the closet is genius!
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  6. You can't hold me my email or you can call me this number,.818,405-3492🏘️
  7. Sarah, this is so good! I love the use of the storage cubes in here. Closet organization is one of my biggest struggles.

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